PEE "Sokol"

Our aim - to revive the village and the agro-industrial complex of Ukraine.  

    All types of elevator equipment, necessary for the reception, transportation, cleaning, drying and storage of different types of cereals: grain dryers, bucket elevators, containers, silos, granaries and various repair parts for the equipment from the leading engineering company "Sokol".

     For this time more than 25-years-old work our enterprise has already mounted and launched in operation equipment more than in 450 economies in the different areas of Ukraine and Russia.   

     Why does the leading engineering company "Sokol" different from competitors?

     The whole production cycle is carried out at our company, so we offer the best prices for grain dryers, elevators and other equipment. We have possibility constantly to optimize production costs and inculcate the newest developments. All projects are individual and necessarily conform to the client.

    Our enterprise's grain dryers differ in the functional descriptions. Dryers have a great thermal insulation; burners have a high coefficient of efficiency, and it can reduce the consumption of electricity and fuel. For a greater confidence in safety of equipment our specialists offer installation of the alarm preventive system and emergency cooling.

    The grain dryers are used for drying of cereals, leguminous, oilseeds and other cultures. All processes are controlled remotely using the remote controller. Movement speed of grain can be adjusted. The drying principle of grain in the grain dryer consists of consistent heating and cooling of grain, from what it loses humidity quickly. Depending on initial and desired humidity of grain it is possible to regulate the mode of drying.

    Another direction of activity of the plant of elevator equipment "Sokol" is a installation and production of granaries.

    We make granaries for long-term safe storage of cereals, oil-bearing, leguminous and other culturs. Our granaries are ideally adapted for work in composition of elevators of any configuration and storage volume, with complete mechanization of loading and unloading works. There is an another advantage of our granaries - they occupy a small area. The device of granary provides the regular supply of air with working ventilator using vent channels. The atmospheric air is given from below through the perforated flooring, passes grain mass and goes out outside.

  Our specialists install and launch granaries in operation, so we are responsible for the quality and long-term normal operation of our products, and also we perform warranty and post-warranty service.  

We have the best agricultural equipment!


Lines of activity

The engineering company "Sokol" offers such services: production, selling, assembling, commissioning and reconditioning of different technique for grain...



Granaries, elevators, grain dryers, conveyors - The leading engineering company "Sokol"
(main office)

61013, Ukraine, Kharkiv region, Kharkiv, Shevchenko st., 111
  • +38 (057) 714-00-XX


The plant "Sokol": purchase

The plant "Sokol": purchase

The leading engineering cimpany "Sokol": belt conveyors, bucket elevators, elevator equipment

The leading engineering cimpany "Sokol": belt conveyors, bucket elevators, elevator equipment

LLC "LEC "Sokol"

LLC "LEC "Sokol"


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